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Apply for a loan in 5 minutes online – step by step instructions.

Why is it more convenient to take a loan online? Nowadays, the technology is so advanced that most of the activities can be done without leaving your home. Services are carried out via the Internet, where they are also ordered. The voices of opposition, regarding the alleged danger of such operations and how difficult it may be to carry them out, seem to gradually fade away.

Of course, taking a loan traditionally through a bank employee is still the dominant way to do it, mainly due to the elderly, who are not necessarily familiar with the Internet. Contrary to appearances, borrowing in the classic way is much more complicated than doing it online. All you need to do is master a few simple steps to easily buy the desired amount.

Step one – choosing a bank

Step one - choosing a bank

It is easy to guess that in order to apply for a loan, you must first choose the bank that is to grant one. Probably, every bank has its own website, so all you need to do to find it is to type the right phrase in the search engine. One of the main determinants when making decisions about a bank is the one on which you currently have an account. In practice, it is always the most profitable to opt for the one with which you have already concluded a contract, because you can count on various discounts or bonuses. If this matter does not play a major role, then you can follow the ratings of various banks in online rankings.

Step two – enable and complete the form

Step two - enable and complete the form

In most cases, the online loan starts by filling out the appropriate form with your details. If the website is legible, then finding the tab that allows you to enter the necessary information should not be a problem. It is recommended to check the correctness of the provided data several times, because any mistake can cause a lot of trouble. If you don’t know everything by heart, it’s enough to prepare documents such as your ID card or ID.

Step three – determine the loan

Step three - determine the loan

The next step is to determine what type of loan you want to take. In some cases, such as for small amounts, the loan can be taken immediately without having to provide anything except peels. Otherwise, you can choose the amount of installments to be repaid, the period during which you will have to return the money you borrowed, the amount you earn and similar details. The interface can present it in different ways – zippers, ranges or text, but they are usually well marked so that they cannot be overlooked.

Step four – analyzing the contract.

Step four - analyzing the contract.

A responsible person will always read the content of the contract before concluding it, especially when it concerns money. An online loan is no exception, the agreement can usually be found at one of the links displayed on the given internet portal. If the amount borrowed is exceptionally high, you can even turn to a professional advisor who would know exactly what could entail entering into such an arrangement.

Balance credit by overdraft facility

Overdraft facility is a simple and convenient way to finance short-term purchases, to fulfill spontaneous wishes or to pay unforeseen bills. However, considerable amounts of overdrafts can quickly come together if the overview is lost due to the large number of bookings in the checking account.

If you permanently overdraw your account, a loan can make sense to compensate for the overdraft facility. Because overdrafts are expensive and if the limit is reached, there is even more interest for tolerated overdrafts or the bank no longer permits overdrafts.

Compensation through an installment loan

Compensation through an installment loan

A suitable loan to compensate for the overdraft facility is the installment loan. This is usually a loan with a fixed term and fixed interest, which is repaid in monthly installments. As with the overdraft facility, an installment loan is usually granted without property security; proof of regular salary payments or payments is sufficient.

Banks offer installment loans on different terms, but as a rule the interest here is significantly cheaper than with overdraft facilities. Usually, the customer can choose the loan amount and the term within certain limits. For a given loan amount, the choice of term has an impact on the monthly payment. The longer the selected term, the lower the monthly rate and vice versa.

Get an overview again

Get an overview again

The choice of term or rate should be based on the personal financial scope. These can be determined on the basis of a household bill, in which the monthly income is compared with the expenditure. The excess of income over expenditure represents the maximum amount that is available for monthly installments. A household bill also makes sense to get an overview of your own financial situation.

Many lenders also require them as part of their credit check. Because of the more favorable credit conditions, the installment loan offers real interest savings compared to the overdraft facility. The monthly installments ensure a continuous repayment of the loan, which gradually increases your personal scope.

Credit to compensate for the overdraft facility: on-demand loan

Credit to compensate for the overdraft facility: on-demand loan

Another option for a loan to offset the overdraft facility is an on-demand loan. This is a credit line that is provided on a separate credit account. The call credit can be used as flexibly as with an overdraft facility. As with the installment loan, however, monthly minimum repayments are provided depending on the utilization. The terms are similar in amount to the installment loan, but the interest rate is variable.

SUMMER SALE – get a sale loan!

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SUMMER SALE – the first loan up to USD 3,000 completely free

SUMMER SALE - the first loan up to USD 3,000 completely free

Do you need cash support for your holiday expenses, but you haven’t used loan services yet? The first loan for free is a great opportunity to top up your account. This way you will also start building your loan history to gain access to more cash.

By using the first loan offer for free, you can borrow up to USD 3,000 for a period of 30 days. After this time, you should pay back the whole amount you borrowed and you will not incur any additional costs related to the loan. All that’s left is to enjoy the extra cash injection!

40% discount on the second loan – this is SUMMER SALE

40% discount on the second loan - this is SUMMER SALE

If you’ve already used the first promotional offer for your first loan for free and need extra cash right now, you’ve come to the right place! We cut the cost of the second loan by up to 40% during our loan sales! In this way you can borrow up to USD 3,500 with a special discount! Such promotions do not happen often, so do not wait for the discount to run out! The promotion lasts until 30.06.

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Web Loans – Is Online Financing Always Worth It?

The emergence of web loans has increased the alternatives to apply for financing, both personal and aimed at purchasing an asset. Even financial companies considered traditional, such as Fidelian and Tompass , can offer products via the Internet, even if on balance it is not always possible to speak of real online loans.


Online loans with digital signature or with only a request for quote?

Online loans with digital signature or with only a request for quote?

Most online banks provide for the possibility of being able to follow at least part of the procedure via the web, by sending the requested documents remotely. Here we find for example NiceOne Bank (which relies on Tompass) and Fella which has its online loan for those who own a current account (which does not necessarily have to be web Fella).

A further example is represented by Lendomestic Bank which, taking advantage of the digital signature, offers the entire process via the web for the request and granting of a loan. A valid proposal that joins the offer of another virtual bank always of the same Sons group, or Mineson! Bank , in very similar ways. Other banks such as LW Bank and Yesjam Bank can also be added to this list.

As for banks that mainly exploit the traditional channel (such as Unicredit , Intesa SanPaolo , etc.) instead the use of the telematic channel is used to orientate and sometimes to streamline the evaluation through the use of calculators on the site. In a few cases you can proceed at least to request a quote to be used as a starting point.

The same kind of distinction can also involve the financial companies, led by Agos in the use of the entirely online process, but with a good percentage also of smaller companies able to offer interesting solutions.


Is online financing more and more convenient?

Is online financing more and more convenient?

In everyday life you are now used to saving with the use of products and services that can be used or purchased online. But when it comes to financing, the choice must be made first by looking at convenience in a much broader way. In fact, it is also necessary to make sustainability assessments (which can be conditioned by the maximum installment duration) as well as the rates offered, incidental costs, etc.

So in principle it can be said that web loans “cost” less to banks (or financial) which therefore can offer lower rates , but that this must be verified personally, by making different estimates and simulations.

This will allow you to find the compromise that best suits your needs and the amount of the installment will consequently be easier to repay. Finally, as regards the ease of delivery, the differences between online and the ‘traditional’ way can be marginal, except in the case of a practice that needs the help of a consultant presenting particularly critical aspects.

Loans without credit check.

 To say it straight away, there are no loans without a credit check – at least not from banks. The credit check is the be-all and end-all when it comes to lending, so loans without a credit check are something that is impossible.

What belongs to the credit check in Germany

What belongs to the credit check in Germany

If you want a loan, you have to be creditworthy, and in order to determine this, the creditworthiness of the loan applicant is checked in advance. In Germany at least, this means that the Credit bureau of the loan applicant is queried and that their income and financial circumstances are examined. Credit is only granted to those who can demonstrate a so-called “clean” Credit bureau and a regular income of a seizeable size.

If one of the factors does not apply, it looks bad. In many cases, the loan application is rejected or the bank requests additional collateral, for example in the form of a solvent guarantee. The procedure is always the same and for the time being it is irrelevant whether it is a small or a large loan amount.

Loans without Credit bureau are not the same as loans without a credit check

Loans without Credit bureau are not the same as loans without a credit check

If you have a regular and good income, but a negative Credit bureau then you have at least the opportunity to switch to a loan without Credit bureau, which is often equated with loans without a credit check. But that is something completely different.

The loan without Credit bureau or the Credit bureau-free loan are not loans without credit checks. Banks in Switzerland, for example, only refrain from obtaining Credit bureau in connection with the loan request. In this case, however, the creditworthiness is only assessed according to the income situation.

This means that there are no loans without a creditworthiness test, on the contrary, the income situation is particularly important and unemployed or Best Bank recipients have no chance of Credit bureau free loans. Those who find themselves in this situation should focus their activities on finding a job, because creditworthiness still depends on orderly income relationships. What can still be achieved without a Credit bureau query can usually not be achieved without income from employment.

Exceptions in Germany may be the mail order companies and retail, where no proof of income is required for smaller amounts of credit, but Credit bureau is always asked for this. Nowhere without everything.

Car loan which term – choose yourself suitable

Car loan what term – even ensure desired rates

It is important to know that the loan rate results from the term, the loan amount and the interest rate. Generally speaking, a longer term means a lower rate, while a short term shows a higher credit rate.

Most car buyers choose a long term. This at least ensures that the loan installment can also be paid over the entire term. If the term lasts more than six years, the depreciation of the car decreases. If there is an emergency sale during the term, the residual value of the car no longer covers the loan amount still to be paid.

Experts therefore advise a term of a car loan which term is three and six years.

The car loan what term – how long

The car loan what term - how long

Anyone who has decided to buy a car, whether new or used, should take the right duration into account. Under no circumstances should it last so long that it extends beyond the useful life of the car.

Many borrowers often finance the next car with a loan. So two car loans would have to be paid. But that is not possible for many borrowers. So the tip: pay the first loan before the second one is taken up. As indicated above, the term affects the monthly loan rate. These should be chosen so that they can be paid for every month without any problems.

It is advised to pay off a car loan as soon as possible, the less the borrower will ultimately pay.

The car loan which term – special repayments

The car loan which term - special repayments

If you finance your car with a car loan, you should make sure that special repayments are allowed in the loan agreement. Especially for employees who receive bonuses or special payments from their employer throughout the year that are to be paid on the loan.

If no special repayments are allowed, the process can become chargeable. Rate breaks should also be noted in the loan agreement. The financial situation of the borrower can also turn negative. A smaller financial bottleneck could be bridged with rate breaks. The contract should also include a change in the credit rate once a year. A loan rate could be increased or decreased depending on the financial situation of the borrower.

With the car loan what term – properly financed

With the car loan what term - properly financed

Car buyers have various options for financing their car. First of all, there is the classic installment loan. The advantage of this type of loan is that the rates are constant over the entire term. Financing with the dealer could also be an option.

Especially when it attracts with 0% financing. However, this loan should not be concluded prematurely, since the cash payer discount often tops the favorable interest rate. Customers who opt for an installment loan and pay the loan amount in cash can receive the cash discount. The new trend is towards balloon financing or three-way financing.

Both types of credit are characterized by advantages and disadvantages. Generally, car buyers can use any loan that is offered. Many loans will also be earmarked. Then the vehicle registration document is deposited.

Car loan what term? – 0% financing

Car loan what term? - 0% financing

Of course, this offer is very attractive at first glance. However, borrowers should ask and check carefully. Because 0% financing does not seem the way it looks. Nobody has anything to give away, neither the car dealer nor the car bank.

If you want to opt for 0% financing, you should question the following facts. The terms can be very short, which brings a high credit rate. As far as the purchase price is concerned, there is no room for negotiation. The alleged 0 interest is counter-financed through the purchase price of the car. This means that they are added to the purchase price in advance. Those who have found their car have little scope.

Apart from the lack of room for negotiation, the term cannot be adjusted to the financial situation of the customer.

Car loan what term – credit check

Car loan what term - credit check

There will be no credit without the bank checking it. This means that they check the borrower’s income and query the credit bureau. The credit bureau is an important approval factor. If it is encumbered, a loan can be refused.

This is because negative entries indicate that there have been payment problems in the past. Anyone who has decided on a loan must enter personal data such as first and last name, date of birth and address in the form provided.

In addition, a reference account must be specified on which the installments are debited. Information on income and expenses must also be provided.

The checklist for a car loan what term

The checklist for a car loan what term

  • A copy of the sales contract
  • Pay slips for the past three months
  • for self-employed persons, they are income tax notices
  • Information about fixed expenses per month
  • Possibly other liabilities with details of the remaining debt and the rate
  • bank accounts
  • Declaration of consent to query credit bureau

Anyone who now receives a loan approval and is a new customer to the lender must use the Postident procedure at Swiss Post. A valid identity card is required.

This procedure is nothing more than a personal identification. Loan seekers should know that a car loan cannot be applied for at the house bank, but at any other bank.

Car loan what term – rate amount

Car loan what term - rate amount

The monthly loan rate must fit into the monthly budget without any problems. A budget could help.

All income is compared to expenditure. The balance is positive if there is a surplus.

However, experts advise that this excess should not be used entirely for a loan installment. There should still be scope for unforeseen expenses.

Online credit for civil servants

Nowadays, almost everyone gets a normal installment loan. However, there is also a loan that not everyone will get, the online loan for civil servants. Officials have a special status in the financial world. This is mainly due to the fact that they are non-resignable and therefore cannot become unemployed and the high income they receive on a monthly basis.

This gives officials the opportunity to get this loan. This is tailored to the group of people and is also issued by direct banks. Civil servants and employees with very high incomes can also take advantage of the conditions of an online loan for civil servants.

What can the loan be used for?

What can the loan be used for?

As a rule, civil servants do not have to meet any additional requirements in order to be able to receive an online loan for civil servants. So you do not have to specify a purpose if you want to get the loan approved. The only exception is that civil servants have to repay an old loan with the new one before they can freely dispose of the loan amount.

The loan amount can be up to 20 times the net income, so that many opt for larger purchases when taking out the online loan for civil servants. For example, a house can be financed without any problems or a longer trip.

What are the conditions like?

What are the conditions like?

Officials enjoy particularly good conditions with an online loan for civil servants. Not only can the loan amount be chfosen very high, but the interest rates are also very attractive. This loan is also called a term loan. As a rule, the official takes out a life insurance policy when applying for a loan. In this case, he then does not have to pay the installments of the loan, but the insurance contributions. These are used at the end of the term to repay the loan.

Officials should also compare

Officials should also compare

Officials should also compare the loans. Since you will find a very large offer, you will be best served if you make a comparison. Not every bank automatically offers a civil servant loan, so the rest often has to be asked for in order to receive the favorable conditions. Interest rates vary and can vary widely from bank to bank.

Offers are filtered out by a credit comparison and at the end there are few offers that are really cheap. Officials should refrain from taking out residual debt insurance, as this is only taken out if unemployment threatens. As this is almost impossible in this profession, the residual debt insurance is not important.

Credit Score in the Credit Bureau – What is it?

The way in which you manage your personal finances speaks more about you, in such a way that you can not imagine, since it reflects values ​​such as responsibility and hard work. It may sound exaggerated, but it is not; Having healthy finances requires commitment, perseverance, order and planning.

According to a study called “The Anatomy of Credit Score”, many companies in the United States have proposed that for their recruitment processes the Score be taken into account since, in addition to having information they use For security issues, they can also discover key information about the personality of their prospects.

And what is the Credit Score?

And what is the Credit Score?

It is a score that is calculated taking into account relevant data about your credit behavior, such as:

  • how many credits have you requested
  • number of accounts you have active
  • if you have been late in payments or if you have been a good payer
  • Which is your pay capacity

It is worth mentioning that in this subject (as in many others) time is a very important variable, there is the importance of starting to build a credit history from now on.

How does it work?

How does it work?

This score can go from 300 to 900 points, and the higher it is, the better for you, since that means that you are a person that financial institutions can trust, so they will authorize loans or credits as if by magic.

Otherwise, if your Score is very low, insurance will affect you when you find yourself in need of acquiring financing, for example: requesting credit for a house, a bank loan or even a credit card.

Do you want to know what your Score says about you?

Score: 760 or more

Those in this range, wow !, They really know what they do. They do not go around, understand the meaning of responsibility and prefer to do things right from the beginning. They fulfill their goals, promises and obligations, which makes them a trustworthy person.

Their financial life is going well, they know very well what their ability to pay and what responsibilities they can take. They are not very vulnerable to impulses, do not support unpunctuality and prefer to make full payments (totaleros of heart), this gives them a plus, since the institutions trust them so much that they could even offer them loans with lower interest rates.

Score: 660-750

It is not so bad to be in this range. Here are responsible, but distracted people. Probably the reason they are here is simply that they forgot some payment date or that, even knowing their card limit, they got carried away and overdrawn it. They know the limits but sometimes they get carried away.

As for their financial life, they continue with the doors open for almost any type of credit, but, unlike those in the highest range, they do not have the opportunity to pay interest lower than the average at the time of Request financing.

These types of people are on time to change and improve their behavior with credits. We suggest you improve your score before asking for a larger loan.

Score: 600-650

These people describe their relationship with credits as “it is complicated.” They are impulsive people who, due to lack of administration and commitment to their obligations, are a bit stuck between their income and what they allocate to their debts.

They stay afloat, it will depend a lot on their future decisions if they cross the line towards a better score or they definitely collapse. They are people who tend to help others a lot, regardless of whether it is money.

They could still get a credit card, but it is better that if they request it they agree not to fail, since any false step could cost them their entry into the world of credit.

Score: less than 600

Disaster is his middle name, they are people who get carried away at all times by the emotional, all their credit cards are overdrawn and the only thing they think about is how to get another. Even you already have backlog problems.

Your finances are dominated by impulses. It is urgent that they take actions to finish paying off their debts and improve their score.

But where do I find my Credit Score?

The score or score is generated from your Credit Bureau Report, which you should review once a year. In your Special Credit Report you can find this tool that has a cost of $ 58 dollars (it is not expensive, or start).

There are many places where you can get an approximation of your Score, but if you have any doubts, I recommend paying to get it here: I want to know my credit score. Do not leave it for later, managing your personal finances in an appropriate way will allow you to plan a better future for you and those you want.

Don’t you want to discover your score?